Rules of Engagement

“A lawyer’s time is his stock in trade,” said Abraham Lincoln.

Through this website, you may engage me as counsel through Spiegel Liao and Kagay, PC, for a maximum three hour consultation (including work product if appropriate) for a fixed fee of $900, the engagement begins upon receipt of the fee. I make no guarantees of outcome or cost, and no warrantees can be implied.

Any engagement as counsel thereafter is by written fee agreement only, and payment of an advance retainer.

Once engaged on an hourly basis, after an initial consultation, again, there are no guarantees of outcome or cost, and no warrantees implied, and:

  • All personal discussions of the matter will take place during weekday business hours and in the law office;
  • I will respond to e-mails and other communications during business hours, and any client–initiated communications, e.g., telephone calls outside business hours, will be billed at a one hour minimum;
  • We will bill monthly for all of our time and we keep track of all of our time including “review,” “attention to” and “preparation”; not all time results in written work-product;
  • We will prepare the same kind of notes, memos, letters (including memorializing e-mails), pleadings and briefs we do for any other client to counsel, defend or prosecute and document a case.

I work though my law firm, to which I am “of counsel”: Spiegel Liao & Kagay, PC. I undertake hourly representation only. There are no guarantees in the law, which is so often adversary.

My personal consulting rate for non-legal matters is $690 an hour. For legal matters I adopt my law firm’s rates, presently $400 an hour. For mediation, and matters of public interest, rates are negotiable and I will consider lower rates in appropriate cases.

If you wish to engage me initially as counsel through this website, the terms are a $900 fixed fee paid in advance through this website or otherwise, for up to three hours of counsel and related legal work, e.g., a demand letter or response. Any further engagement must be in writing with an “evergreen” advance retainer as above. (See my contact page for more information.)